Hi all!

Lately I’ve been on a health-kick, practicing lots of sports and eathing healthier (or trying to! I am not one for diets…).

So on my next blogpost I will talk all about my fitness routine, but on this one I wanted to focus on my favorite: FOOD!

I don’t know if any of you will find this post interesting at all, but personally I love watching other people’s blogs when they talk about what they eat in one day.

So here is what I ate on a regular weekday (because yeah, let’s be honest, on weekends a cheat A LOT):


In the morning I was lucky enough to eat breakfast on the balcony, in the sun. Breakfast is probably the meal I enjoy the most. I had a cup of green tea (Green Balance by Yogi, my absolute favorite!), an apple and lemon juice, a pear and a bowl with yogurt and granola.


At lunchtime I had a salad with tomato and some bread crumbs, a veggie burger, some brie cheese (I am the biggest cheese fan) and hummus with a breadstick to dip in it. For desert I had 0% fat plain yogurt.


For diner I had chicken and veggie broth and a ham-and-cheese tostie.

And after diner, while watching some youtube… it was cheat time. I had two Digestive cookies (or bisquits) with a little milk chocolate and a herbal tea.


Do you have any tips to eat cleaner?


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